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Hello, I'm Matt Martin. I'm an Oklahoma wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I'm married to an amazing woman named Jaime who stands beside me through everything. We do life together. She is truly spectacular and an extraordinary blessing. We recently had our first child named Maddox. We are both really excited to be parents and cannot wait to watch him grow. 

What drives me is a passion for telling peoples' stories through photographs. My approach is a very collaborative one, and I absolutely enjoy the process of working together with clients to deliver photographs from a honest, artistic perspective that truly tell a story. To me, photography is so much more than just showing up and snapping away at a wedding or an engagement session. It's about capturing and documenting real life in an artistic and authentic way. The way he smiles at her, the way she looks at him, the anticpation and excitement of the engagement, the sureal emotions and once-in-a-lifetime moments of a wedding day -- these are the moments and memories that must be remembered for generations to come.

I believe your wedding is one of the most important events of your life and you should feel something when you look at your photographs 30 years from now. As a result, I shoot with a combination of analog film cameras in addition to the standard digital setup. I strongly believe that film has it's place and so does digital. They are different tools, and I utilize both to get the look and feel that I'm after. Images shot on film will be processed/scanned by a professional lab and will be included in high resolution on your disc of images. 

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Jaime and I have been incredibly blessed over the past 4 years to make so many new friends and to be a part of the lives of the couples we have worked with. Meeting and connecting with new people is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I would love to hear from you and to discuss the potential of working together. For more details, connect with me at or use the 'Contact Matt Martin' form below.

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