Jun 19, 2012

My Approach to Photographing Details

My Approach to Photographing Details

So many magazines and blogs these days are filled with images of gorgeous details, but more often than not, those images lack a human element. Viewing those images, one might think that a wedding day has become less about the marriage of two people and more about styling and looks. Are these really the kinds of images you will look back and cherish in 30 years?

When it comes to capturing the details of a wedding day, of course I shoot some plain details, but I also always do my very best to incorporate them into the larger story of the wedding day. For me, photographing a wedding is about telling a story about the marriage of two people in a creative and artistic way. It's about capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day. Details play an important role in this, but alone, the details don't tell the full story. This I prefer to look for details throughout the flow of the wedding day and always try to include the story with the details. This image from Ashton and Dane's wedding last month is a great example. The goal for this image was to capture the shoes - a contrived "detail shot" for most photographers. Instead of going with the traditional setup shot, I opted to capture the shoes when the maid of honor was helping the bride put them on. In my mind, this image tells a story. It captures the moment and also emphasizes the shoes and dress at the same time. It has that sense of completeness that a good photograph should have. 

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